About Irusammal Trust

Irusammal Trust is founded in the year 2011 with the aim of being as a platform to connect our family and being a resource for reducing social and financial differences within our families and relatives.

Irusammal Trust is registered as a Private Charitable Trust with sub registrar‘s office Puducherry under document number 35/ 2011, dated 25.01.2011

Irusammal Trust Registered office address is No.21, Angalamman Koil St, Pudunagar, Sanjeevinagar Main Rd, Puducherry-605 111


Irusammal Trust Vision

1.  100% of our families and relatives connected to the Trust and communicate through the Trust.

2.   Become resource for Individuals and families, who have self determination to achieve.

3.   Close the gap of social and economical differences of individual, families and relatives.

4.   Always focuses on providing best possible services to the members of the Trust.



Irusammal Trust endeavour to acquire and use all possible resources and efforts to achieve Trust vision.


Irusammal Trust’s Values

1.   Irusammal Trust core belief is in the creation of more equitable people within our families and relatives.

2.   Irusammal Trust promotes the creation of an inclusive community which respects and values all members.

3.   Irusammal Trust inspired to create Services, Programs, and Supports which empower individual to achieve their      potential.


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